New Harry Potter documentary on the way!

MTV shared some good news for Harry Potter fans, especially for those of us who are mourning the end of the magical series this summer. MTV is reporting that a Harry Potter documentary is on the way! BAFTA Award-winning documentarian Morgan Matthews filmed behind the scenes on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and producers David Heyman and David Barron chatted about the experience and what was captured.

“He went behind the scenes and had incredible access to talent and crew and has made a documentary which is not yet complete, but which shows both the challenges of making the film and the toll it takes on not just actors but the crew,” Heyman said. “It’s not just pure gloss and everybody’s happy. It’s real and I think people will really enjoy that. At the same time, it’s really, really funny.” The producers went on to share some funny moments caught on camera like Daniel Radcliffe betting 10 quid on a horse race.

No word on exactly when this Harry Potter documentary can be expected but reportedly there is footage that stretches all the way back to the beginning of the franchise. “It was a very well-documented production. We had a crew filming behind the scenes for the entire production, which is unheard of – and that’s been for all the films,” David Barron revealed. “There is material, and we’ll see how it’s used. I’m sure Warner Bros. will package it in some form or another.”

Stay tuned for more info and thanks to MTV for the juicy news!

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