Matthew Lewis talks Neville & music with Rolling Stone

Ever wondered what type of music the Harry Potter stars are into? Matthew Lewis chatted about his character Neville Longbottom and his fave music during a recent interview with Rolling Stone. The 22-year-old actor even took a guess at what music Neville might like! Watch the video after the jump!

As for playing the trouble-prone tyke turned sword-wielding hero, Lewis found a few comparisons in their journey growing up. “When I first started, Neville and I were pretty similar. I was a short, chubby kid, pretty shy,” Matthew Lewis reminisced.

“We both just grew up, and I’ve become more confident in myself and my acting, in life in general, and Neville went on to become a real hero. I don’t think I’m quite as courageous as he is.”

He also discussed his time on set in the makeup chair with his fellow actors Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) and passing the time with music. Some of his favorite bands? The Beatles, Oasis, Kasabian. And his fave Beatles song? “In My Life… It’s just the most lovely song and really captures John Lennon’s emotion.”

Matthew Lewis went on to speculate on what Neville Longbottom might like: “His favorite album would probably be Help… I think Neville would pick With a Little Help from My Friends because that’s exactly what Neville is all about. His loyalty to his friends is what grants him his courage.”

Matthew Lewis chats to Rolling Stone about music, Neville and more:

Matthew Lewis talks Harry Potter directors:

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